Happy Staff - Loyal Staff - Thriving Staff

Why a Happy Staff – Loyal Staff – Thriving Staff? Happy employees increase profitability, stay with the organization, are A+ players, and are less likely to suffer from burnout. Research clearly shows that happy employees are more Energized, Creative, Productive, and Motivated to Thrive.

Bottom Line: Happy organizations are more productive.

Over time, an organization becomes complex and customer and employee demands increase: everything moves at lightning speed. This is when you most need to stop, breathe, and assess, and then take actions to get your organization to the next level. A fresh perspective is waiting for you!

We specialize in working with businesses and nonprofits that are committed to creating a healthy work culture.

Take a look at the Services below and then decide if you would like to have a complimentary virtual coffee chat about how you can GROW and better MANAGE your organization.

Deep Dive Plus™

Let’s take a brutally honest and strategic assessment of your current business by examining it with fresh eyes, ears, and heart. Together we will boost your passion for your work and create an exciting future.

Business Coaching

Starting and running a business can be like drinking from a fire hose… crazy pressure and overwhelming. It can also be exhilarating and fulfilling. Our services can help you achieve the success you desire.

Employee Coaching

A thriving organization depends on a happy, loyal, and productive staff. Employee coaching helps with time and stress management issues, communications, employee conflicts, and leadership development.

"Whether you are starting or expanding your small business, Stephanie Hoffman is a business coach I highly recommend. She has many years of experience and a stellar record of getting great results for her clients. Bonus: She has a calming effect on entrepreneurs that they appreciate!"
Jack V Testimonial
Jack Vitacco
Director of SOU Small Business Development Center (former)
Stephanie Hoffman & Associates